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Terms of Employment

All new employees are offered employment on the basis of completing a 3 month probationary period. Employees must be bondable, no criminal record and may be required to obtain a police clearance

All Integral employees must wear an Integral uniform while on the job site. Uniforms are provided at a cost of $20.00 which will be deducted from the first pay cheque. Uniforms should be kept neat and clean.

All employees must call 4 hours prior to the start of their shift if they are unable to work. Both your supervisor and the office must be notified.

Employees must record and initial their start and finish time daily on a time sheet which will be provided by the supervisor.

Only Integral employees are permitted to enter the work site. No friends, family or children are permitted on a work site.

Integral employees must not leave any building or suite unattended nor allow any one into a building or suite. Employees must lock themselves in the area they are working. Keys must be kept with you at all times and not left on a cart or in the door lock. No keys or pass cards are permitted to leave the building. All lights must be turned off, all doors must be locked and all alarms must be set when cleaning is completed

While working in a tenant space; employees are not permitted to smoke, drink, or eat. Telephones are not permitted to be used and no tenant property can be touched or disturbed. If you damage tenant property while performing your duties it must be reported to your supervisor immediately and recorded in the log book.

Employees are not permitted to touch any computer equipment nor touch any papers or equipment on desks. Obvious dust on the tops or sides of monitors should be removed otherwise clean around anything else.

Employees are not permitted to remove any property from a tenant space or a building even if it is in the garbage. Any item or property found in garbage that may be of value to the tenant must be stored in the janitor room and your supervisor must be notified.

All Integral employees must know what WHIMIS is, receive a WHIMIS hand book, know where the product data sheets are located at the work site and sign off that this information has been reviewed with the foreman or supervisor prior to the start of their first shift.

Any irregularities at a building or work site such as damage, plumbing problems, suspicious persons, burnt out lights etc. must be reported to your supervisor.

All employees have read, signed, understand and agreed to these terms of employment.


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