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Integral News

Integral Property Services Ltd. would like to welcome you to the our monthly news page. It is an opportunity for you to find out what is happening in our world.

Integral is a full time 24/7 janitorial service that is committed to providing higher quality service than the industry standard. Even with our busy operations schedule, Integral constantly strives to improve its service to you, our valued customer.

Integral prides itself on the strength of its front line operations team. We currently employ three full time Client Service Manager's who's sole responsibility is the maintenance of their clients buildings. Each Client Service Manager brings a wealth of experience in different segments of the Janitorial Market from Highrise and Lowrise buildings to Industrial facilities.

David Sadiqi and Edwin Canales provide our clients with direct access to all of Integral's resources by working hand in hand with our clients. Their indepth knowledge of cleaning techniques, performance ratio's and staffing issues is just one of the many resources available to our clients. Finally, it is their personal committment to providing the best possible service that keeps Integral in the forefront of Calgary's Janitorial Community.

Please feel free to contact David or Edwin or any of the Integral Management team. We would be pleased to help you with any of your building service needs.


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