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Operations/Management Depth

Integral has carefully constructed an overall management and operations resource depth that is unique within the Janitorial Service industry. Unlike Contract or Account Manager systems, whereas one or two individuals totally represent each project, Integral has designed two [2] separate operational systems which are both linked and significant in resource.

In overview, Integral operates a fully integrated Management and Operations system in that our entire system of resources is involved in each project. We have divided our overall system into Day Management (which focuses on client service/quality control/ operations administration) and Project Operations/Night Supervision, which solely focuses on operating our systems and ensuring consistent standards.

The result of Integral's operational system is a structured, reasonable expectation workload on each system component/individual, which is fully supported by at least two [2] additional "project familiar" individuals. Although each project is assigned both a Day Management and Night Supervision representative, the enclosed organization chart illustrates the additional cross-trained available resources within the Integral operational infrastructure.

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