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Cleaning Tips

Carpet Spot Removal

One of the worst problems are those nasty spot stains you get on your carpet at either your home or in the office.

If you have spilled Red Wine, Coffee, Tea or even get Blood on your carpet, you can remove them using the following tips.

Cleaning Agent - A mixture of water and Peroxide mixed at 3 parts Peroxide to 100 parts water.

How to Clean - Mix the solution in a spray bottle and soak the stain as soon as possible. Blot dry with a white terry cloth towel and wait for it to dry completely. "The process is not as effective if the carpet has not been allowed to dry completely". Repeat the process to get the most effective results.

This solution acts as an oxidizing agent and will work wonders on those hard to remove stains. Alfred also noted that this process will also correct water staining from plants.

We hope this process helps.


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